Welcome to the PA6Z home page

Breaking news:
Today 15e September 2012 the PA6Z crew have collected her first price trophy for the PACC 2012 contest.

From today the PA6Z contest & DX group has stopped all their activities!
The main reason, we can not longer use our contest site, the premises  has been sold to an other party.
This was bad news for all of us but we can look back to twelve years of fine contesting and DX expeditioning.

Herewith we would like to thank the HAM community for giving us all the fun.
For those who have questions about QSL, please note we will continue to serve the HAM community and return QSL as they arrive, bureau or direct. Marcel PA9M our QSL manager will keep up the good job and will take care about your QSL until the last card received.
However the PA6Z website will close down by the end of 2012!

Many thanks and 73 crew PA6Z.